I believe that – through all these times – there always has been a feminine powerful energy that, most of the time, has been prevented from showing itself, moving and making itself heard. Through this oppression and the social ostracism of feminine principles and thus also of women, our society has fallen into a toxic imbalance, which in the end does not make anybody truly happy. Obviously, most women are not and men are not either.

As a Spiritual Feminist I do not only have the apparent facts in mind, which are the discrimination of women and other so-called minorities – because women are in fact not a minority, but I also include the next level of identifying the source in addition to naming the symptoms.

Recognising true femininity

Spiritual feminism is an essential part of recognising true femininity. Through the masculine Christian God there was no option for women to be divine as well. The creation myths of Eve being cut from Adam’s rib are only selectively narrated stories of a much larger narrative.

It is important to remember, that Christianity as we know it, was created as a strategic decision based on an oracle’s vision and its purpose from the beginning was the conquest and appropriation of others. In doing so, it helps us to understand how the institution behind it could again and again actively exert oppression, murder and threat in the name of compassion and charity.

For over 300 years, in the name of the Inquisition, women who possessed the original knowledge of female bodies and healing herbs were systematically executed and murdered, the unofficial numbers reaching up to 9 million. There were villages and counties where there were no more women living, because they all have been tortured and burned or drowned.

Trauma travels through the DNA

When I hear sentences like “Women must simply …” or “If women would finally behave xyz, then …”, I have learned, that it is often not really the women themselves that should not become louder, take up more space or present their concerns more confidently. So often underneath these invisible barriers and these unconscious fears a prior traumatic epigenetic experience, which has been transferred to us by our DNA, can be found.

For generations, women have been systematically disadvantaged, defamed, harassed, traded as economic goods, regarded as objects of satisfaction, used as successor producers. Without taking her personal needs or concerns into consideration. It is only since a good 100 years that there has been movement on the subject of equal rights, we are now allowed to vote, since 1958 we can finally work without the permission of our husband and have our own account. Only since 1996 rape in marriage has been an offence and since 1994 real equality has been anchored in the Basic Law.

If we see the current picture, we want to believe that the world is in order, that we have as much freedom as it might feel like. But the reality still consists of glass ceilings that camouflage themselves and quite obvious concrete ceilings when it comes to the subject of careers. Women are still forced into life plans that they do not choose freely – due to abortion being illegal, a lack of childcare, lower pay or the lack of understanding that women simply want to do their thing.

As long as we try to be the better players in a game that was never made for us, we will lose again and again. As long as we try to beat the others with the same moves, we will lose again and again. Only when we focus on creating a new game that really allows ALL to play and has rules that apply to everyone – and not just some – will we really make a difference.

Looking beyond gender

We are challenged to look deeper than just at gender, because in reality it is not about a woman or a man, but about the energy with which he or she enters and leads the world. At the moment in many places we see a toxic masculine energy which is fuelled by patriarchal systems. To create a conscious balance, to value the feminine energy again and to actively integrate it into our lives is the decisive step to change the dynamics.

Only when we as women begin to reconnect with our feminine side and stop being the better masculine players, only then, will we truly be able to change something in this world, for ourselves, for all other women and for the girls who will follow us.

It’s time to go from higher and faster to deeper, more conscious and closer. To let intuition prevail over intellect. To recognise where our true roots lie, to connect with them and then to grow powerfully.