In our often hectic and challenging world, it happens to many people that they feel overwhelmed or that many things simply don’t want to feel anymore because it overwhelms us. Even as children there are moments that were so difficult for us to endure that we decided to separate the experiences emotionally. What happens is that the mind closes itself to the heart. We can switch off the mental access to our emotions. However, the heart remains open and continues to feel and perceive what is happening around us – consciously or unconsciously. So it can happen that our emotional body is overloaded or under stress at some point.

In shamanism the arising symptoms are described as “soul sickness”, a disease of the soul. Hence, we become soulsick. Sometimes this can also be seen in physical symptoms, which are diagnosed, but cannot be tracked to a source.

“No, we don’t need more sleep. It is our souls that are tired, not our bodies. We need nature. We need magic. We need adventure. We need freedom. We need the truth. We need silence. We don’t need more sleep, we have to wake up and live.”

Brooke Hampton

Many medical and spiritual traditions indicate that mind and body are connected. The emotional body (the PNI network) helps us build a bridge between the two. This emotional body (consisting of the limbic system, the vegetative nervous system, the psychoneuroimmunological network, the endocrine system and the immune system) has its own energy body, which connects to spirit. The emotional body is a portal to the energetic levels and connects body and mind with spirit. This portal works in both directions. We can approach the emotional body from the spiritual level and thus heal the body through mystical techniques. In the other direction the emotional body helps us to open up the spiritual one and a healthier emotional body allows access to a mystical consciousness.

Unhealthy energies in the emotional body

Unresolved emotional issues remain in the emotional body as unhealthy energies. On the physical level, these can be perceived under the microscope as stress-related damage in the stress reaction system and in the PNI network. These changes in the emotional body can trigger psychosomatic symptoms such as neurogenic inflammation. These stress-related damages can also be called allostatic stress.

The allostatic load is the load of accumulated stress, as scientific researchers call it. This load can be caused by recurring stress, non-diminished stress or traumatic experiences. So it can happen that our emotional body is overloaded or under stress at some point. Permanent stress can lead to a chronically stressed state. If this stress is not solved it can lead to overloading of the system. This can manifest itself in emotional imbalance, physical symptoms or exhaustion.

To quote family physician Dr. Joe Tafur: “To be healthy, people need to connect with their environment and at the same time be at peace with it, their community, themselves and the feelings in their hearts. Because through the heart we can experience this subjective fact of oceanic boundlessness. Through the heart we can get to know Spirit. We feel it, even if our mind cannot grasp it. Spirit is memories and Spirit is possibilities. Spirit touches the body and is as real as a heart attack and bliss. Spiritual illness or stress makes us sick and spiritual healing helps us to be well”.

SoulFlow is the opposite of soulsick

SoulFlow is the free flowing original state for which we all yearn. In the SoulFlow sessions we touch all aspects of your life – from relationship to business and beyond, always finding the origin of your theme.

We return to the source of the issue and can simultaneously resolve all the symptoms and situations that follow. In this way we move the energies that are stuck, stuck or blocking in the emotional body. We open the heart, we heal the soul. We experience freedom.