Soulution Mentoring

Become who you are. Find your own path.

Create a life you truly love.

Get A Mentor. Change your life.

Individual mentoring is a meaningful and longterm investment.

In yourself and your visions.

Mentoring is a powerful path to personal, spiritual and professional development that can enable you to achieve or exceed your life goals and aspirations. Mentoring is the accompaniment to our task in this life. A mentor can help us to find our USP – Unique Soul Purpose – and above all to live it.

Since time immemorial, women have been accompanied through their phases and areas of life. Be it through a priestess, if it was about the clarity for the own way or the development of spiritual abilities. Be through a wise woman when it came to questions of life or dealing with practical challenges.

Although the form of mentoring has adapted to modern times, mentoring has not changed or diminished its meaning or purpose. As your mentor, I am at your side. You will grow. You will grow up. You will awaken. You will notice the change. You will feel your strength again. You will get access to your energy. You will spray your magic.

You will be who you are.

What I believe in

I deeply believe that each and every one of us is here to make a contribution to the world. However, this does not always have to be related to the big stages, bestsellers worth millions or success in the toxically patriarchal sense. Only if we bid farewell to the worn-out ideas of ”there can be only one”, then we have a real chance to find our own destiny. It can lie in the simple things or in an “unspectacular” way – without spotlights and followers.

For me, destiny is not a single predetermined path that we have to find or otherwise fail. To find your destiny means to determine yourself how your path may look like. It is deciding on your destination. You decide on your purpose – because after all you are the one who brings it into the world. Visions are signposts that can send us there. We are the ones through whom the visions can become reality. 

We are the ones who can give ideas a home and form. If we find that which gives us peace and joy within, we can create the freedom our soul desires. Visions are the soul’s memories of the future. It is worth knowing how to read them and listen to them.

How to find your vision

Your true Why

If we want feminine empowerment and female leadership, we are called upon to step into our role as change makers and change agents, or as Gandhi said:

„Be the change you want to see in the world.“

It is no longer a question of postponing pleasure until later and valuing work more highly as fun. Now it is about finding our “sweet spots” at the crossroads of ambition and lightness.

So many women are obsessed with daily to-do lists without knowing what they really want. It’s like being on a hike and not seeing the forest for the trees. To know which direction you want to go, you first need to determine the coordinates of your destination. To create what you want, you first need to know what you really want, and then you need to align yourself with it. Once we know our True North, our compass can lead us exactly there.

Visionswork works

Vision work opens the space for memories and visions, which allow us as women to reconnect with our power and our true desires. It is the reminder that there is an original, deeply grounded spirituality that honours the feminine and whose deep memory still runs through our bodies. These are visions that assume to be able to change the world.

Thus you can set powerful intentions and create a massive change in your life. Because it is not only important which steps we take, but also how we take them.


  • Dissolving spiritual burn out
  • Opening up your own femininity
  • Strength on your own spiritual path
  • Creating a life that we really love

The Effectifness

We embark on a journey towards what is not yet tangible and yet has been so long perceptible. 

“Only a person with a vision
knows oneself,
knows who she is, and
where her path is to be followed,
to achieve a good destination.”
Lakota – Knowing

Vision work helps us to regain clarity, to feel again and to sense into it – into our truth, our visions, our purpose. We regain our strength and are able to make clear decisions. We determine our destiny. We become free.

Work flow

Visions don’t always show up within an hour. It takes time to clarify what does not belong to us, to reconnect with us and then have a clear view into the future. The packages honour exactly this – not a quick promise of healing, but the recognition of an individual process, because only this gives room for real change on all levels.

The sessions take place via telephone or Zoom. Since we are not bound to the physical space we use this freedom.

There also is the possibility for half or full day intense sessions in Hamburg, Berlin, Gran Canaria or Phoenix, AZ for those who would like to directly immerse themselves deeply. This option can also available for groups.

My clients come from all ages and walks of life. For example, they are entrepreneurs, employees, managers, financial experts, coaches, yoga teachers, mothers, grandmothers and students.

What they do have in common is the desire for a life of success, health, relationships, connection, fulfilment and influence in harmony.

I only work with a limited number of women at the same time, who decide to take responsibility, are 100% present at each session and ready to break out of their apparent comfort zone.



Purpose Package


You find your destiny: individual sessions, dissolving blockages, concrete tasks, practical exercises

3 x 1:1 sessions / 45 minutes /Worksheets / valid for 3 months


Clarity Container


You find clarity for implementation: individual sessions, dissolving blockages, healing of ancestral issues, concrete tasks, practical exercises, deep meditations. e-mail support

7 x 1:1 sessions / 45 minutes /Worksheets / valid for 5 months / payment plan available


Vision Vessel


You begin to live your vision: individual sessions, dissolving blockages, healing ancestor issues, transforming limiting patterns, concrete tasks, practical exercises, deep meditations, email support, WhatsApp / Telegram Support

10 x 1:1 sessions / 45 minutes /Worksheets / valid for 7 months /payment plan available

Quotes from some of the women

who already worked with Kaja

My biggest challenge was to accept who I am. To accept my gifts and therefore my tasks in this world, to share them and to arrive into myself. I was completely floating back and forth and could not really get involved in anything. I was not here, but also not there. Standstill that felt like security, but was not.

Thanks to Kaja I found my second leg again. My “business” begins to take shape, it flows. It comes to me, in which I am completely there. Women write to me. Strange women know ME. I get booked, I get inquiries, my reach expands. And many things come to me from outside without me having to “do” anything.

Agnes Theresia

Full Spectrum Doula, Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer, AGNES THERESIA

I turned to Kaja when some questions arose for me regarding my current job. After that I started my own business. Every single session we had via Skype was a complete success and helped me to make a lasting change. I would return to Kaja at any time for both professional and private issues.

Johanna von Wendt

Diplom-Pädagogin, Trainerin & Coach, Founder, Mums in Business

Kaja’s an inspiration! In the few hours we had together, some lights came back on with her support. To shape my profession in my own way had been my original wish and desire for a long time, but the path to it was still somewhat unlit. Now I see it clearly before me. Thank you very much for your inspiration and your friendly nature. … and if ignition is needed again, I will come back to you.

Ingrid Schiller

Art Therapist, Life Coach, Creative Coach

Questions & Answers

Your North Star

A vision that leads through life in a clear way must be available to us in every life situation. We must be able to access it at any time and it should accompany us through life in a clear and focused way. Therefore I like to compare our personal vision with the North Star. The North Star Stella Polaris is the star that seafarers have followed since ancient times to find their way home. It is the only fixed star in the firmament of the northern hemisphere. It is the only one that does not change its position. It appears to us to be firmly fixed in the sky, while the other stars and constellations move with the seasons and wander across the sky. Stella Polaris shines bright and clear in one place. If one knows the coordinates, this fixed star is the safe way home, the absolute point of orientation. This is the basis of the vision work.

Essence as focus of the vision

First of all, you do not need to have solved all your issues and resolved all family traumas in order to develop a clear vision. However, it is absolutely helpful to tackle the strongest and most intense issues. I have experienced for myself how liberating it can be to free myself from unconscious expectations and limitations and more and more discover my true path. Even though I thought that the path I had taken before was already the right one.

The realisation that we are wonderful without having to do anything for it has taken a lot of pressure out of my life. This step was a big one for me personally. For years I thought that my value depended on what I did and that my identity was created through my job. And I have acted accordingly.

I invite you to join me. To find your true purpose, to find that which makes your essence shine.

More work flow

Important for the flow: The places for mentoring are limited. So that I can be sure that the two of us are a good team, I ask you to answer a few questions in advance. After that you will get my answer and we can start.

Important for the process: After booking you will get access to my calendar and can choose your date there. The sessions take place by phone or Zoom, an online call service. They are of course absolutely confidential. Mentoring with me is an investment in you and your life. If you still have questions, please send me an email.  Appointments can be changed free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. In case of a cancellation / rescheduling of less than 48 hours I charge 50% and in case of less than 24 hours 100% of the lost time.

Good to know: Please plan your time after the session, because every session is deep and we work with energy.


Kaja Andrea is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose, nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kaja Andrea is intended in any way to be a substitute or a replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care.

Your are ready for deep connection and to be you?

You feel there might be some underlying themes you would want to transform first?

Ancestral Healing does exactly that.

Ich habe immer über den Tellerrand geblickt und neben modernen Wissen auch traditionelle Weisheiten kennengelernt. In all den Jahren habe ich mich stetig weiter gebildet und neue Erkenntnisse verinnerlicht. Dies paare ich mit gesundem Menschenverstand und Lebenserfahrung.  
Dabei geht es mir um dich. Ich glaube, dass das Finden deines eigenen Rhythmus und deiner eigenen Wahrheit das Geheimnis für ein glückliches und erfolgreiches Leben ist. Mein Engagement gilt dem Finden neuer Perspektiven für die Menschen mit denen ich arbeite, damit diese beginnen ihr Leben zu lieben. Und ich helfe ihnen ihre Visionen zu realisieren, damit sie ihren Traum leben können. Dabei verfolge ich nicht meine persönliche Agenda oder das, von dem ich glaube, dass es passieren sollte, sondern halte dir den Raum, damit du deine Schritte gehen kannst. Und: es funktioniert. All die Frauen, mit denen ich arbeite sagen, dass schon nach einer Session merkliche Unterschiede festzustellen waren. Probiere es gerne aus. Ich freue mich auf dich.