Soulution Mentoring

Become who you are. Find your path.

Create a life, you truly love and live.

Get A Mentor. Change your life.

Individual Mentoring is significant and long-term investment.

In yourself and your visions.

Soulution Mentoring is a container based on presence, wisdom, dedication and sisterhood. Your intention sets the direction for this transformative 6-month journey.  Everything is designed to support you to come to your full expression with your whole being, to find your most harmonious lifestyle and to arrive in your full being.

If you feel that you want to find deep and clear access to your self-confidence and consciousness, welcome. If you want to find a clear vision and make conscious decisions, welcome. If you know that you have special gifts within you and want to activate them, welcome.If you want to offer your spirituality to others in service and build a business that nourishes not only your clients, but you as well, welcome. If you are willing to let go of everything that keeps you from expressing yourself authentically and enter fully into your being, welcome.

I invite you to enter the space of Soulution Mentoring and awaken and emerge as the woman that lies dormant within you.

This is your time to rise.

Create love, peace & freedom

Soulution Mentoring is not about becoming perfect and creating the ideal life by societal standards, but about finding a way to find your personal expression, inner peace and your own version of success. It is not about creating the “best version” of yourself or your life, but about letting those parts of you that bring you peace move forward, letting the things that bring you love take up space and thereby creating freedom in your life.

Mentoring is the guiding into our assignment in this life. It is a process in which you will connect with something that is greater than yourself. Like the goddess Athena, in ancient history, who spoke through Mentor while supporting her mentee Telemachos. A mentor can help us to find our USP – Unique Soul Purpose, your unique soul purpose – and above all to live it. 

You become, who your are

Soulution Mentoring is an initiation

…and thereby so much more than classical coaching. Things will move even if we are not in the same room, you will feel the change even if we don’t talk to each other.

Soulution mentoring involves so much more than just the time we consciously spend together. Know I am always at your side, sometimes more present than you expect. You will feel the change.

We work deeper than the mind dares to go. And yes, we will keep the mind busy. While our focus is on the unfolding of your soul.

In mentoring we dedicate ourselves to your very individual path; your spiritual wisdom, your worldly growth, your personal development and your potential.

I accompany you on your path with all my wisdom, my knowledge, my magical abilities and my spiritual experiences. I myself have been lucky to experience what it means to have mentors from all over the world at my side. And now you can benefit from this experience.

feel like a perfect model for what you believe in; that every woman can be happy, sexy, and free.
I truly can say, you were the best thing happening to me during the last year. You helped me finding my polluted areas and clean them up, so I am fine now. And it gets better every day! And now that the waves are setting down it feels like it just happens by itself. And I am so happy with what I am doing right now.

Finally I know what I want, what makes me happy and what I am able to do!

In Short:. Awesome! And I so know, that you have a super big influence in all of this. And that’s why I want to say: thanks, thanks, thanks. Thanks for being in this world!

Nina Brandmann

Photographer, Nina Brandmann Fotografie

Kaja helped me to get more clarity for my path and the next steps. She encouraged me to go my own way and focus on what I really care about. You can’t really put into words how valuable Kaja’s work is.

She is a pioneer and helps you to put down many limiting beliefs and to trust yourself completely. She does this with great sensitivity and clarity. I am very grateful for the work with Kaja and can recommend it to you from the bottom of my heart.

Meike Cremer

Yogateacher & , Mindfulness-Coach

Kaja is one of the most amazing connections I ever made. Working with Kaja transformed my whole life, privately and business related. I am grateful beyond words for her energetic work, but also love her professional approach and respectful distance. In the past I often felt depending when working with coaches or consultants. Through Kaja I feel free and strong!

Never before I was so aware of my strengths and potential. Kaja truly guided and shined light on the path to myself and my truth.

Stefanie Lang

Detox & Anti Aging Expert, SoulGlow Detox

Your personal all-inclusive package

As a mentor, I pass on my knowledge and experience to you. You profit from my wisdom. I will support you in your steps and give you some advice.

As a priestess I initiate you into your path. I don’t follow a fixed school, but what is allowed to show itself for you.

As a shaman I work with your soul and your ancestors. We open the gifts that you have received and release the blockades that have been given to the lineage by past traumas or experiences.

As a coach I am your neutral, demanding and supportive conversation partner. I help you to find your own solutions and to shape your own path.

As an energy worker I will show you how you can get back into your own energy flow, restore your inner balance and turn success into fulfillment.

As a Status Quo Shaker I support you in understanding what stands between you and your desires and in removing it. I will challenge you to clearly say “no” to the eternally same movements and inspire you to say “yes” to the miracles that are available to you.

So that you can let your visions become truth. So that you can create a life for yourself that you really love.

Our time together

6 months Transformation

1 x Initiation-Session á 120 minutes 

12 x 1:1 Session á 50 minutes

1 x Closing á 30 minutes

Individual Purpose Practices


Whatsapp / Telegram / SMS-Access   

energetic support

a unique experience

I only work with a limited number of women at the same time, who each decide to take responsibility and are 100% present at each session. The investment for the 6-month Soulution Mentoring is 4444€. To make sure that I can support you in the best possible way, please answer a few questions in advance. I will respond to you within 72 hours and we will find out when and how to start your journey.

Ancient wisdom for new pathways

Since ancient times, women have had phases and areas of life, in which they have been accompanied. Whether it was through a priestess, when it was about clarity for their own path or the development of spiritual abilities. Or by a wise woman when it came to questions of life or dealing with practical challenges.

Even though the form of mentoring has adapted to modern times, mentoring has not changed or diminished its meaning or purpose. As your mentor I am at your side. You will grow. You will emerge. You will awaken. You will feel the change. You will feel your power again. You will gain access to your energy. You will radiate your magic.

Mentoring is a powerful path to personal, spiritual and professional development that can enable you to achieve or exceed your life goals and desires.

We all come into this world as this little seed – filled with immense potential. Just like the millimetre-sized seed that becomes a giant oak tree. As your mentor I help you to access your potential and make it tangible and experiential. I provide you with rooms for your growth. Whether as healer, herbalist, medicine woman, shaman, priestess, energy worker, clairvoyant, witch or coach. Because yes, I can also coach ;-). 


Benefit from my path

I strongly believe that only lived humanity allows us to enter our destiny or our potential. Life is not about distancing ourselves from chaos and hiding behind love and light all the time, but finding a way to walk through the darkness and deal with the heavy things so that we can emerge and become a beacon of light for ourselves.

I have learned that the dark moments are often an invitation and an initiation – they are not to be feared or abbreviated, but to be seen for what they are. As I am a human being myself, I bring along some personal experiences in addition to my professional expertise. 

The experiences I have had in my life, the expertise I have acquired and the insights I have gained are fully available to you.

Traumatic family issues / biographical challenges / depression and therapy / the whole range from heart bouncing & engagement to heartache & abandonment / the life of a workaholic, spiced with emotional eating and perfectionism / the struggle with body images, karma and co-dependence / leaving the classic career ladder and the eternal pendulum of success and failure / building a business that serves me & a greater good / finding my own way as a woman – all this has given me insights into life that I am willing to share with you so that you can benefit from it on your way.

I deeply believe that in the end each of us is her best advisor and our inner mentor and intuition can guide us clearly. But from my own experience I know that sometimes we just need someone to help us get started.

I met my first mentor when I was in my mid-20s. Through his support and advice, coupled with the opportunities he opened up for me, my life changed forever back then. I did things that I would never have believed were possible for me and got perspectives that were previously closed to me. 

Until today I have someone at my side who accompanies me. After my first experience I did not want to miss this kind of support anymore.

I have learned that what I thought were my limits in the end were only thoughts. I experienced what it means to have an energetic cheerleader by my side and to tap into my true resources. I felt what life can really feel like. 

I wish the same for you.

You are in the right place...

Do you feel that there is more in your life and that there is something within you still slumbering or just about to wake up? Something you would love to give more space? Welcome.

You are on your spiritual path, still a bit unsure where it will lead you or you are missing a piece of the puzzle? Welcome.

Do you have having a vision and you are unsure, if all of this really can become true or you are are unsure about how to transform spiritual theory in a hand on spiritual practice? Welcome.

Do you have a foreshadow of your gifts and abilities and you would love to use them or do you feel that something is seeking you attention through dreams, experiences or a change of your perception of the world? Welcome.

You already are a light worker or energy worker and you want to intensify your work or you would want to activate you very own remembering? Welcome.

You are ready.

Spiritual Mentoring is dedicated to your very own path; your spiritual wisdom, your worldly growth, you personal unfolding and your potential. I accompany you along the way, with all my knowing, my knowledge, my magical abilities and my spiritual experiences. I had the opportunity to work with mentors from all over the world myself, and I still do. And now you can profit from this experience.

Work Flow

During our time together I am a your side and accompany you through all the processes and topics. You get access to all my knowing and all my knowledge. I show you concrete techniques and tools supporting you and your activities.

There is no fixed pattern to fit you path in, but I am with you individually and walk with you on your path. Towards yourself. Towards your potential, Towards you power.

The mentoring contains different elements, which we mix according to your personal development. Sometimes it might be an exchange, sometimes a training, sometimes supervision, sometimes a clearing, sometimes badass business advice. Everything is possible.

I am at you side. You will grow. You will grow up. You will wake up. You will feel the the change. You will feel you power again. You will spread you magic. You become who you are.

Mentoring can contain the following:

  • 1:1 Training

  • Activation of you senses and you intuition
  • Teaching of techniques
  • Reconnection to  your individual magic
  • Energetic clearing
  • Supervision
  • Creation of your vey own work style
  • Shamanic work
  • Business-Planning (Business Modell / Branding / Message)
  • Vision work
    More about how it works

    Important for the flow: The places for mentoring are limited. So that I can be sure that the two of us are a good team, I ask you to answer a few questions in advance. After that you will get my response within 72 hours and we can start.

    Important for the process: After booking you will get access to my calendar and you can choose your date there. The sessions are of course absolutely confidential. Appointments can be changed free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. In case of cancellation / rescheduling of less than 48 hours I charge 25%, in case of less than 36 hours 50% and in case of less than 24 hours 100% of the lost time. Unless an emergency or unforeseeable event has occurred.

    Important for support: For Email-Support & WhatsApp-Access, or SMS-Access I reserve a response time of 36 hours. This applies from Monday 10:00 a.m. to Friday 4:00 p.m., on weekends and holidays the response time may be extended accordingly. Voice messages are only listened to and answered up to a maximum length of 3 minutes, emails up to a maximum length of about 2000 characters, which corresponds to about half a DINA4 page. This helps the matter of relevance and the focus on your site, it allows me to answer precisely and energetically focused. I am happy to do this at any time.

    Good to know: Please plan some time for yourself after the session, because every session is deep and we work with energy. 

    Mentoring with me is an investment in you and in your life. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

    Important for the process: After booking you will get access to my calendar and can choose your date there. The sessions take place via phone or Zoom. They are of course absolutely confidential. Mentoring with me is an investment in you and your life. If you still have questions, send me gladly an email.

    Flow & Grow

    Since 2006 I have been actively accompanying people on their way through life. Among other things I am a trained WingWave Coach, certified NLP Master and Reiki Master. But my most important and extensive education is my life experience.

    There will be moments in which I push you, there will be situations in which we rub each other and there will be experiences in which you grow beyond yourself.

    Like a seed that moves upwards through the earth, until it becomes a sprout. And at the same time the earth that brings resistance to it is the soil that nourishes it. Through friction we recognize ourselves.

    And that is my wish for you: to recognize who you really are and what is really inside you. 

    DISCLAIMER: Kaja Andrea is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose, nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kaja Andrea is intended in any way to be a substitute or a replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care.

    You are ready to create a life in connection and with love?

    Yet, you feel you would want to start with a smaller step?

    The ReRooting Sessions are a great way to find out how it is to work with me and do the first steps at the same time.