connect with your true roots 

Connect to your roots.

Grow into your true self.

Remember who your truly are.

In the western, Christian and patriarchal world, we have often lost touch with our true roots. However, it is these roots that help us to rest in ourselves and to be resilient. As a result of the missing connection we feel stressed, not grounded and burnt out.

Too often in our busy daily lives we focus on the visible trunk on the surface and do not take the time to uncover and look at the roots. We look at the symptom and ignore the cause. Therefore we go on and on in circles and get no solid soil under our feet.

When reconnecting to our roots – physically, emotionally and spiritually – we can find a deep powerful connection to and within ourselves. I call it ReRooting. We create a positive connection to our ancestors, activate our inner wisdom, use indigenous traditional tools and modern methods for long-term and sustainable spiritual development. Even if our roots are damaged, dried out or even capped or we don’t know them, ReRooting can reactivate them and bring them to life.

The Benefits

ReRooting into your own lineage

ReRooting allows us to transform the legacy of trauma, pain and abuse, some of which has been passed down through generations, and thus restore the positive flow.

Through the healing of the lineage you can experience peace and freedom in the here and now. You can transform negative and destructive family patterns into blessings. This can create health on all levels, strengthen self-esteem and develop a clear vision.

  • Dissolving Transgenerational Trauma
  • Transformation of old restrictive belief systems
  • Access to powerful ancestors
  • Development of nourishing and supportive energies


ReRooting into your own Wisdom

ReRooting frees us from patriarchal thought structures and social conventions, and reconnects us with the wild wisdom within us.

You can live the full expression of what slumbers within you and use your intuition as a clear compass in the direction of what you really love. Once we know our true North, our compass can lead us exactly there.

  • Expanding spaces of action
  • Activation and use of one’s own intuition
  • Conscious creation of individual and supportive action structures
  • Finding a clear direction for your own path


ReRooting into your own Spirituality

ReRooting opens the space for memories and visions that allow us as women to reconnect with our strength and our true desires. It is a reminder that there is an original, deeply earthy spirituality that honours the feminine and whose deep memory still runs through our bodies. They are visions of being able to change the world.

You can set powerful intentions and create a massive change in your life. Because it is not only crucial which steps we take, but also how we do them.

  • Dissolving Spiritual Burn Out
  • Developing one’s own femininity
  • Strength on your own spiritual path
  • Creating a life that we really love


ReRooting is connecting with our true being

Many years ago symptoms such as spiritual burnout, exhaustion, the feeling of being somehow trapped and repeatedly coming up against invisible limits have led me to set out on my own path of searching for the root instead of continuing to doctor the symptom. For there were issues that I had sat on in numerous ceremonies, coaching and workshops, but which did not really transform.

On my way I was led to my own roots, spiritual, emotional and physical. These were deeper and more important than I knew. I healed – respectively I got healed. For the first time in my life I felt complete. The result was ReRooting.


Whatever the issue or challenge, in ReRooting we return to the root of the issue and can solve all the resulting symptoms and situations at the same time. You will notice the change. You will feel the freedom.

In our often hectic and challenging world it happens to many people that they feel overwhelmed or that many things simply don’t want to feel anymore because it overwhelms us. Even as children there are moments that were so difficult for us to endure that we decided to separate the experiences emotionally. What happens is that the mind closes itself to the heart. We can switch off the mental access to our emotions. However, the heart remains open and continues to feel and perceive what is happening around us – consciously or unconsciously.

So it can happen that our emotional body is overloaded or under stress at some point. In shamanism the arising symptoms are described as “Soul Illness”. So we become soulsick (soul ill). Sometimes this also shows up in body symptoms, which are diagnosed, but whose cause is not really clear.

In order to alleviate this condition and ultimately heal it is necessary to move the stuck, stuck or blocking energies in the emotional body. This is the focus of the SoulFlow sessions.


The Sessions

1:1 Experience

Whatever the topic or challenge, in ReRooting 1:1 sessions, we return to the root of the issue and can solve all the symptoms and situations that follow at the same time. You will notice the change.

You will feel the freedom.


The Circle


ReRooting The Circle is based on the ancient knowledge of who we really are as women and how we can unfold and activate this potential. Through sound, breath and movement we remember. We remember that as women we are powerful, wise and free.

Right now only in Germany


You are ready to create a life you truly love?

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