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Seeing how the lives of the women I work with change fills me with deep gratitude and humility. My motivation is to reconnect women with their power and magic so that they can create a life that they really love.

Kaja is a pioneer, who carries the structures of a new time within her.

Nisha Moodley

For me Kaja was the women of the year. She radiates an incredible magic. She is truly unique

Daniela Batista Dos Santos

Founder, The Circle of Wonderwomen

Kaja takes you on an intense and exciting journey. She will help you to remember yourself.

Simone Sauter

Founder, Feathery

Kaja loves to bring women together and create meeting places. She is not the centre of the action, but what each individual brings along. With a lot of empathy she holds this space in which that which wants to show itself can show itself and that which wants to heal can heal. This has something magical, transforming about it. And this is exactly Kaja’s special talent.

Franziska Schulze

Holistic Coach, Personal Development & Transformation

In the summer of 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer and started chemotherapy. Shortly before, I had started my own yoga teacher and ended my long-standing relationship. Kaja met me in my darkest hours, physically marked by the side effects of chemotherapy and mentally in a place far away from any light.

Already after the first meeting I felt more confident and hopeful. I felt that my inner strength was not attached to my outer shell, which was badly damaged at the time. I felt grounded, with my head clear and the moment clearly visible.

Working with Kaja has not only given me a new view of my illness that has taken away many of my fears and contributed significantly to my healing. I also got a new view of myself and became more compassionate, softer and safer. When I fall back into old patterns of thought and behaviour, I remember Kaja’s words and find my strength again. A very nice side effect is also that every treatment is a small energy booster, you feel relaxed, radiant and full of energy.

I recommend working with Kaja not only to people in challenging phases of their lives, but to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.

Katrin Schwendtner

Yogateacher, New Moon Yoga

I feel like a perfect model for what you believe in; that every woman can be happy, sexy, and free.
I truly can say, you were the best thing happening to me during the last year. You helped me finding my polluted areas and clean them up, so I am fine now. And it gets better every day! And now that the waves are setting down it feels like it just happens by itself. And I am so happy with what I am doing right now.

Finally I know what I want, what makes me happy and what I am able to do!

In Short:. Awesome! And I so know, that you have a super big influence in all of this. And that’s why I want to say: thanks, thanks, thanks. Thanks for being in this world!

Nina Brandmann

Photographer, Nina Brandmann Fotografie

When I decided to work with Kaja, I was in a situation of upheaval. I quit my old job and started my yoga training. 

Kaja helped me to get more clarity for my path and the next steps. She encouraged me to go my own way and focus on what I really care about. You can’t really put into words how valuable Kaya’s work is. She is a pioneer and helps you to put down many limiting beliefs and to trust yourself completely. She does this with great sensitivity and clarity. I am very grateful for the work with Kaja and can recommend it to you from the bottom of my heart.

Meike Cremer

Yoga teacher, Mindfulness Coach

Women of the year…

For me Kaja was the women of the year. When I started working working with her, I din’t know where my path would let me and what I wanted to do with my life. She helped me to find the way. She has a very special way of working with you, to me it’s unique. She radiates an incredible magic and her perspective on life helped me to think bigger and not to treat any of my dreams as unrealistic anymore. Sie is powerful, inspiring and heartwarming.

Thanks to Kaja my heart project „The Circle of Wonderwomen“ came to life. With her support I managed to find what I love and make it reality. Kaja, I thank you to the bottom of my heart for your love, your belief in me and your empowerment. You are truly unique to me. Kaja is the right person for you, if you want to find your potential and live it.

Daniela Batista Dos Santos

Founder, The Circle of Wonderwomen

Deep gratitude…

Kaja helped me through turning points several times. Every time she manages to detect inner blocks and to release them. Kaja is an effective sparring partner with an unerringly feeling for situations. She doesn’t let you off the leash, and at the same time creates new perspectives. Kaja also is incredibly empathic and get you on the spot. I am truly thankful for having her.

Titilayo Melanie Bornmann

Honestly: I was sceptical starting to work coaching, but 10 minutes later I was deeply surprised: the original topic was forgotten and it was crunch time. Topics which moved me for year came to the surface and since working with Kaja I can deal with them much better.

The essences always is a personal reflection, concentration on resolving personal challenges and learn how to leave your comfort zone, in order to move forward. I love this approach.

The work strongly impressed me and I can only recommend it to everyone.

Katharina Roedelius

Founder & Owner, Lokaldesign

Start something truly new

With her amazing approach to coaching, Kaja made me see things much clearer. She creates structure when needed and gives you courage for decision making. Thanks to Kaja I was able to start something new in life. And it was so worth it.

Annika Gaurig

Student & mother

Working with Kaja motivated me and gave me the power to stay on my path. I felt so understood and supported. Kaja is true to her own way. Her spiritual connection weaves into her work. Getting in contact through this made me joyous.

Meike Geißler

Naturpath, Hypnosis

I so sure would take 1000 more hours with you. I am very satisfied. You have an amazing intuition, practical tips and your method works like nothing else.

Verena Mundhenke

Actress, Director, Model, Regiefrau

My biggest challenge was accepting who I am. Accepting, sharing my gifts and thus my tasks in this world. I was completely floating back and forth and couldn’t really get involved with anything. I wasn’t here, but I wasn’t there either. A standstill that felt like security but wasn’t.

Thanks to Kaja I found my second leg again 🙂 By allowing myself to arrive, the doors opened. Connections are formed, I allow myself to be seen. By assuming who I am and what I have to offer and that I live more every day, the “others” see me all at once. My “business” begins to take shape, it flows. It comes to me in which I am all there. Women write to me. Women who are foreign to the wild know ME. I am booked, I get inquiries, my range spreads. And a lot of things come towards me from the outside, without me having to “do” anything.

Another important insight – I no longer have to decide. I may and can be anything, at any time. The pigeonhole thinking is over, because I don’t fit into any pigeonhole.
I recommend everyone who is willing to really look at working with Kaja. For me she is the primordial mother, the rock in the surf. Always loving, but with a prickly finger if necessary.
If you are really ready to change something and to go yourself and your own wonderful, magical, individual way then only with YOU.

Agnes Theresia Schwemer

Full Spectrum Doula, Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer, AGNES THERESIA

Every meeting with Kaja is pure inspiration, motivation and love. I am truly grateful for every hours spend with Kaja, because my heart starts shining, every time she dives with me into my world of ideas, thoughts and emotions. Thank you for the magic, you bring into my life again and again.

Gela Löhr

Founder, Lemondays

I turned to Kaja, when I had some challenges with my job situation. Every session we did through Skype was a success and led to longterm changes.I so would work with her again – on a business or private level.

Kaja has the ability to understand the core issues of a situation unlike anyone else. She left me breathless several times, it was so incredible. Plus: the way Kaja works ist super effective and helps you to release topics on all levels.

To me Kaja is something like a phenomenon. She radiates such a power, strength and sovereignty, that to me she’s something like a miracle healer.

Johanna von Wendt

Founder , Moms in Business

My whole life transformed

Kaja is one of the most amazing connections I ever made. Working with Kaja transformed my whole life, privately and business related. I am grateful beyond words for her energetic work, but also love her professional approach and respectful distance. In the past I often felt depending when working with coaches or consultants. With Kaja I feel free and strong!

Never before I was so aware of my strengths and potential. Kaja truly guided and shined light on the path to myself and my truth.

Stefanie Lange

Detox & Anti Aging Expertin, SoulGlow Detox

I am so grateful for my session with Kaja. it was a true blessing as I was dealing with some serious business and relationship blocks.

She helped me get to the root of my issues and I feel like a weight has been lifted. My focus has returned and I am ready to step forward on a positive path. I highly recommend her! Thank you so much! Love and Light!

Jackie U.

Our session opened a major clearance of blocks that continues. Kaja’s work was a powerful piece in clearing a lot of psychological debris–for which I am very grateful.

Cheryl Eckl

Autor, Mystical Poet, Inspirational Speaker

I’m so grateful for my session with Kaja. The session was not only super informative and full of new and inspiring insights, it was also hugely powerful in terms of shifting my energy.

I was surprised at the amount of emotion I released during and after the session. I left feeling lighter, hopeful and excited for what comes next. Thank you.

Nicky C. Jones

Holistic Grief Coach

Kaja is a pulse generator! In the few sessions we had together, some lights came on again with her support. To shape my profession in my own way had long been my original wish and desire, but the path to it was still somewhat unlit. Now I see it clearly in front of me. Thank you very much for your inspiration and your friendly nature. … and if I should need some ignition again, I will come to you again.

Ingrid Schiller

Creativity Coach

Working with Kaja gave me security where there was insecurity before. Kaja permanently gave new impulses and thanks to her insisting I am teaching at university. Without her I would have tried to get around it. The sessions are inspiring and make me see things from a different stand point. Kaja seems to have an answer to every question. Working with her is relaxed and easy.

Janina Demiana Roll

Art Director

Kajas Arbeit war ein machtvoller Teil im Äufräumen meines pschychologischen Trümmerfelds. Dafür bin ich sehr dankbar.

Cheryl Eckahrtf