A warm welcome to

The School of Modern Wisdom


This is where ancient wisdom meets modern knowledge. This unique combination makes it possible that every class, clearing and experience can change your life forever.

The School of Modern Wisdom is more than just a classical school, it is shaped by a deep native understanding of the world.  It is a place where ancient wisdom is integrated into modern life. 

Below you will find a selection of my knowledge and wisdom, gathered through deep personal experience, countless hours of training and active practice with more than 1000 women from over 20 countries and nations.

The English track of the school will open its doors late 2020. Please feel free to already have a preview peak.

A warm welcome to you.


Kaja Andrea

The School of Modern Wisdom,

Creator and Founder


Create a life, that it truly you

The Live-Experiences are unique experiences. Together with Kaja you enter a space of transformation, memory and empowerment. You become part of a community of great women and you will feel and see how your life changes. There is a maximum of 2 online experiences running simultaneously. Each experience has a maximum number of seats to ensure personal exchange and to keep the space open. The doors to the English track at The School of Modern Wisdom will open late 2020. You can already sign up, to make sure to be informed.

Offline Experiences are not currently running. Register here to be notified when the next events are scheduled. 



Powerful Support

The classes are a good way to move blocked issues. You will gain new perspectives, see the world differently than before and can take your individual steps with practical approaches. Classes will be released from September 2020 onwards. Register here to get notified.


Deep Transformation 

The clearings are a good way to get an impression of how Kaja works and to get blocked energy moving. By repeating the Clearing several times, the effect and absorption of the Clearing is increased. Clearings are energetic work and thereby part of our ancestral medicine.

Clearing will be available from September 2020. Register here to be notified.