I am

Kaja Andrea

The Ancestor Whisperer

Völva / Energy Worker /Master Coach

Acknowledge who you are. Create a life you love.

It’s time we remember who we really are. We hold the keys to our true freedom in our hands. It is time to put them in the lock and open the doors to a new world. I look forward to changing the world with you.

I myself have been trying to adapt to the system for years, which led to emotional eating, perfection and workaholism. In my mid-20s, I set out on a journey into a life that would not only fill my bank account, but also make my karma happy. But the way to get there and what awaited me in the end was not quite as I had imagined it.

I am not afraid. I was born to do this.

Jeanne d’Arc

The beginning

Even as a small child I was in contact with my ancestors and other deceased people – at that time I did not know exactly how to deal with the fact that I was the only one who saw them. My desire to be “normal” led me to start ignoring them and closing myself off.

Only years later, when I was at a point where I clearly felt that I was functioning in the system, but the system not for me, I began to open up again. Because I felt that the spiritual tools I had up to that point did not lead me where I wanted to go. Back to myself.

That was the moment when my ancestors practically stood right in front of me. I opened my heart and my being. I felt really connected for the first time again. It was the moment when I remembered who I really was.


My path guided me away from the classical career. Following my intuition, I quit my job, my apartment and my romantic relationship in my mid-20s.

I set out on a path that no one had taken for a long time, but which always existed in my memories, it was almost as if an ancient echo resounded within me. Without knowing where it would lead me, I walked the path of the Völva. Accompanied by the wisdom of my ancestors, a new ancient world opened up.

Today I am here as the echo of the ancestors, which echoes powerfully into the new time. And I help others to do the same. Everything I do, I do to be a good ancestor myself. Because there is something greater than the individual. This is where we are at home. This is the true “normal”.

My DNA is woven from the lineages of my ancestors.

On my mother’s side I come from the lineage of those who carry the amber of the Baltic Sea in their eyes and the look through the time in their soul. On my father’s side I come from those whose voice changes worlds and from the women who dance with lightning. All this weaves itself into my DNA, my physical and my spiritual.

Like each of us, I am here as the result of the prayers of my ancestors. And with every step I take I try to become a good ancestor myself.

A woman armed with the wisdom of her ancestors is an unstoppable force.

Kaja means echo in Estonian – I am the echo of my ancestors. Andrea stands for the power and the strength with which I bring this ancient echo of wisdom into the world.  I show you how to get in touch with your roots and redeem your past. I will help you to clear your present energetically, emotionally and spiritually by reconnecting the worlds that have been separated for so long. I guide you through changes and transitions. I support you in freely shaping your future and living full of love.


“In all the healing practices I have studied, in all the ancient cultures I have experienced and with all the mentors I have learned from, ancestral healing has been the strongest and most direct path to healing at the root.”

The pathway to a new world

Kaja Andrea professionally spoken

Like no other, Kaja Andrea combines ancient indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge. Her goal is not to bring back the past, but to revive the wisdom that can be a guide for the challenges of the present time. The emotion magazine calls her “One of the most important Intuitive Influencers”, GRAZIA one of the “most important Modern Mystics” and for GUIDO “…she opens the way to a new world”.

Kaja Andrea is the creator of ReRooting, founder of The School of Modern Wisdom, initiator of The GrandDaughters and host of SoulWave Radio. Kaja’s way of working is a unique blend of modern knowledge and ancient wisdom. She especially supports women in finding and living their truth, wisdom and wildness. She helps them to step out of non-nurturing patterns, break through patriarchal structures and connect with their deep feminine energy. So that they can create a life in love, peace and freedom for themselves and not only be successful but also fulfilled. For themselves and those who come after them.

In 2018 Kaja Andrea was Top10 nominee in the category “woman of the hour” of the emotion-Award. In the last 10 years she has spoken in front of almost 10,000 people or shared knowledge & wisdom with them at events. Kaja has changed the lives of more than 1000 women in 1:1 sessions and has held more than 60 Circles in Europe and the USA.

The freer a woman is, the deeper she feels and lives her own freedom, the greater is her capacity,
to create a massive change in the world.

The journey begins

Through my podcast, SoulLetter, Experiences and 1:1 sessions I remind women what freedom feels like and who they really are.  Without “ifs and buts”, without “either-or”, but with a lot of “more of…”. And if you also have the feeling that it is time to become who you are, then I am looking forward to you!

I see you on the other side!

Bundled Wisdom

for the western Mindset

Certified by Western Masters

Wingwave Master / NLP Master / Work Health Coach / Balance Coach / Magic Words Trainer

Diplom Educational Sciences, Universität Bielefeld / Studium an der Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, USA / International, intercultural Moderation, Zentrum Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung Bielefeld / Assessorin

Educated in Energy Practices

Reiki Master / EFT & Tapping / Process orientierted constellation work / Imaginative constellation work

Regression-Facilitator / Release Intergenerational Trauma / Aura Healer / Chakra Diagnostic / Space Clearing / Energetic Cleansing

Inaugurated to Indigenous Wisdom

Menarche-Ceremony / Priestess initiation Externsteine / Training Druidy, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (ongoing) / Initiation as Völva

Engagement & Teachings International Council of the 13 Indigineous Grandmothers / Initiations journey New Mexico, Maya-Priestess Grandmother Flordemayo, / “Smoking The Pipe”- Ceremony & blessing, Lakota-Grandmother Unci Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance / Naming Ceremony, Diné-Medicine Man Darryl Slim / Native American Teachings, Grandmothers Belinda Eriacho & Naomi Tsosie

Things that make me human

…because the “sexy, spiritual, successful Superwoman”  is an energy sucking, patriarchal lie

  • I’m not a cat, but a cactus lady – I have 30 living in my house and need to stop myself from not adopting more
    • Sometimes I let myself be seduced by the patriarchy and find myself between “hustle” and stress.
    • Even though I trust my intuition, I still have my own personal astrologer.
    • I love country music, dachshunds and liquorish – I almost opened a liquorish store with a friend.
    • Since I can remember, I have a fairytale belief – I firmly believe in the possibility of a happy end – and yes I also di believe in fairies.
    • Despite my #virgobrain I forget birthdays all the time and hope that everyone knows that I love them anyway.
    • I am a total tea-addict and I love sitting with a good cup of tea while listening to the fire speak, old stories being shared or songs dancing through the air.

Was die Anderen sagen

Einige meiner Kundinnen nennen mich High Priestess oder White Witch. Für Andere bin ich die Frau des Jahres.

Nisha Moodley bezeichnet mich als Pionierin, die die Struktur der neuen Zeit in sich trägt.

Meine Mutter findet mich einfach nur wunderbar, mein Vater manchmal wundersam.

Kurzum: ich habe keine Schublade, in die ich passe, sondern lasse mich in einem wundergroßen Inifinity Pool aus Facetten treiben. Denn für mich geht es nicht darum, welches Label ich trage, sondern was ich mit meinem Tun bewirke.

Ich glaube, dass jede Frau das Recht hat ein Leben zu leben, welches sie wirklich liebt. In Frieden und Freiheit. Und ich glaube, dass wenn wir uns wieder mit der Weisheit in uns verbinden in der Lage sind eine massive Veränderung in unserem Leben und der Welt zu kreieren.