Kaja Andrea


Energy Worker & Master Coach

Kaja Andrea is Völva, Energy Worker and Master Coach. As priestess and shaman she combines the power of different lines and weaves ancient wisdom with modern approaches. Kaja Andrea acts as a bridge between spiritual, emotional and physical levels, applying ancient spiritual wisdom combined with decades of study and practice to bring truth, fulfilment and freedom into people’s lives.

Born close to the Externsteine, Kaja is deeply rooted in indigenous European spirituality; Baltic wisdom and Germanic traditions flowing through her. The fact that both parents were internationally active academics enabled her to combine different perspectives and world understandings.

Her natural abilities were already evident at an early age, when she communicated with the deceased and “prescribed” a way to cure illness to her mother at the age of 4. She began her official spiritual studies at the age of 11 when she received her first Reiki degree.

The path

During her studies Kaja already started training as coach, consultant and assesor, identifying and analysing peoples potential. At 27, she left her successful career as a European responsible for a global non-profit organisation to live a life that inspired not only her bank account, but also her karma. However, the path was not as simple as she had hoped for.

Years of running in the patriarchal hamster wheel of success had led her into a cycle of perfectionism, workaholism and emotional eating. Soon she realised, that professional independence on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean freedom on the inside. She began to question the apparent facts and truths and received answers that changed her entire life. So she decided to ignore “that will never work” and created her own “precedent”. At the age of 34, Kaja closed her well-attended coaching practice in Hamburg and transformed it into a transformational space where she could work offline and online with people from anywhere.

Inspired by her own challenges and experiences, Kaja developed SoulFlow and Soulution, a holistic method to support other women on their way to freedom.

Today Kaja dances to her own melody and helps people worldwide to find their truth and live freedom through 1:1 sessions, courses and experiences.


the bigger the freedom of a woman is, the deeper she feels and live,
the bigger is her ability to create a massive shift in the world.

The results

Whether medicine people or master coaches, Maya priests or mindset experts – Kaja had the luck to learn from wisdom-keepers from all over the world and combines psychological knowledge with spiritual wisdom. With SoulFlow and Soulution she developed two unique approaches to support other women on their way to freedom.

After more than 30 years of intensive energy work and 10 years of deep engagement with female wisdom, Kaja decided in 2014 to share her insights with a larger circle of women. In recent years she has spoken to nearly 10,000 people or shared her knowledge with them at events. From 2015-2018 she was a resident author at Fuck Lucky Go Happy before signing her book contract with Randomhouse (release date 2020). Kaja has worked with more than 1000 women 1:1 and in a group and has hosted more than 60 circles in Germany and the USA.

Kaja Andrea was nominated “Woman of the Hour” for the Emotion Award in 2018, is the initiator of the Frauen*Barcamp (nominated for the Emotion Special Award 2019) and a member of the UN Women.


Right now Kaja is offering the SouFlow Sessions next to the Soulution Mentoring.

Next to that she ist available for clearings, supporting challenging life situations.

In winter 2019 she will open the doors to an exclusive Healing Vortex.

The School of Modern Wisdom offers courses, classes and clearings in German – English offerings will be available by the end of 2019. 

Kaja shares her wisdom in her podcast and as a speaker and love to gift her audience with impulses that can be directly implemented into real life.

In a nutshell

Kaja Andrea is a Völva, Energy Worker & Master Coach, the founder of The School of Modern Wisdom and host of SoulWave Radio. Her work is driven by the deep belief that only when we liberate the past, we can truly fulfil our present and thereby create our future. It is the path to freedom.

If a woman embraces who she truly is, she can spark a massive shift in the world, for herself and for the generations to come.
Kaja Andrea works with women who are ready to trust their intuition, birth a vision and create a life they truly love. While doing so she helps them embracing their innate power, entering the space of powerful creation, expanding their freedom and attune their actions with their true wild self.

Kaja Andrea’s work braids more than 30 years of intensive energy work and 10 years of deep engagement with female wisdom with a profound experience in coaching and constellation work. She has worked with more than 1000 women 1:1 and in a group and has hosted Masterminds and lead more than 60 circles in Germany and the USA.

Kaja Andrea has received her Völva staff and her buffalo drum and if she does not follow the call of her inner hummingbird she has them standing in the Freemason City of Hamburg.

Bundled expertise

Bundled expertise

Certified by the Western Masters

Mind Masters

  • Wingwave Master
  • NLP Master
  • Work Health Coach
  • Balance Coach
  • Magic Words Trainer

Leadership Masters

  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass Alumna, Gabby Bernstein
  • BSchool Alumna, Marie Forleo
  • Soul of Leadership, Artistry of Business, Nisha Moodley

Education Masters

  • Diplom Educational Sciences, Universität Bielefeld
  • International Moderations
  • Studies at University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Assesor

Educated in Energetic practices

Moving Energy

  • Reiki Master
  • EFT / Tapping
  • Process-focussed constellation work
  • Imaginative constellation work

Clearing Energy

  • Walk-Ins and releasing foreign energies
  • Past life regression facilitator
  • Realeasing intergenerational trauma
  • Aura Healer
  • Chakra Diagnostics
  • Space Clearing & Energetic Cleaning

Channeling Energy

  • Mediales Channeling
  • Soul-release
  • Communication with spirits, angels and other beings

Inaugurated into Indigenous Wisdom


  • Menarche-Ceremony
  • Inauguration as Priestess of the Externsteine, by the Eldest of the GrandMothersCouncil of the Externsteine
  • GrandMotherCouncil of the Externsteine, my mother as founding member
  • Training in Druidry with the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids
  • Initiation as Völva, receiving the staff after 5 years on the path


  • Initiation travel to New Mexico through Maya-Priestess Grandmother Flordemayo
  • “Smoking The Pipe”- Ceremony & recognition through Lakota Grandmother Unci Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance
  • Naming Ceremony, initiation of my warrior name and the associated path through Diné Medicine Man Darryl Slim
  • Ongoing teaching in Native American Cultural and Ceremonial Teachings through Grandmothers Belinda Eriacho and Naomi Tsosie


  • Longtime engagement for the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
  • Spiritual Translator for several shamans and medicine people

Supporter & member

of the following organisations