Hi, I am Kaja Andrea

Spiritual Feminist & Status Quo Shaker

Depatriachalizing minds & bodies

My DNA is woven from lines of strong women and brave men.
On my mother’s side I come from a line of seers, from those who carry the amber of the Baltic Sea in their souls and the gaze through time in their eyes..

On my father’s side I come from those whose voices change worlds and from the women who dance with the lightning.

All this weaves into my DNA, my physical and my spiritual.

Like all of us I am here as a result of the prayers of my ancestors. And with every step I take I try to become a good ancestor myself.

A woman equipped with the wisdom of her ancestors is an unstoppable force.

Kaja means echo in Estonian. Kaja derives from Hecate, the guardian of the gates between the worlds and the crossroads, thresholds and transitions.

Andrea stands for the power and the strength with which I bring this ancient echo of wisdom into the world. 

That’s who I am and what I do. I show people how to get in touch with their ancestors and redeem their past. I help them to clear their present energetically, emotionally and spiritually by reconnecting the worlds that were separated for so long. I accompany them through changes and transitions. I allow them to shape their future freely and to live full of love.

The beginning

Already while being a small child I was in contact with my ancestors and deceased ones. – at that time I didn’t know exactly how to deal with the fact that I was the only one who saw them.

Early on I learned that light is born through darkness – the drama of my mother’s life-threatening cancer when I was 4 was also the key to her spiritual path. This gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into all that I perceived already.

With age I interwove spiritual approaches with cognitive coaching techniques and ancient wisdom with modern knowledge.

My path led me away from the classical career. Following my intuition, I quit my job, my apartment and my relationship in my mid-20s.

I set out on a path that nobody had followed for a long time, but which always existed in my memories, it was almost as if an ancient echo resounded in me. Without knowing exactly where it would lead me, I followed the path of Völva.

Today I am here as the echo of the ancestors, which echoes powerfully into the new time.

Walk like you have 3000 ancestors behind you

The path

My challenge was not to have access to my intuition – we all have it, but to trust it and act accordingly. In the beginning it was quite challenging, yet it led me on a path away from mainstream and a classical career. And so I pulled the plug in my late twenties – I quit my job and within a year also my apartment and my relationship.

I set out on a path that no one had taken for a long time, but which always existed in my memories. It was almost as if there was an ancient echo that resounded within me. With each step I more and more dared to follow my intuition and wisdom without any compromise. Finally they led me all over the world and to my path as Völva.

The more I connected with my roots, the more I could use my intuition and wild wisdom to create a life where I am happy and feel free – even if there is still much to do and discover. I am here as the echo of my ancestors, which powerfully enters into the new time.

What I stand for

What I stand for


I liberate women from patriarchal thought structures and social conventions and reconnect them with wild wisdom. Through that they can live the full expression of what is slumbering in them and use their intuition as a clear compass towards the life they truly love. Once we know our true North, our compass can lead us exactly there.


I open the space for memories and visions, that allow women to reconnect with their power and true desires. Through that they can set powerful intentions and create a massive change in their lives. Because it is not only crucial which steps we take, but also how we do them.


The combination of ancient wisdom with modern knowledge creates a new space for action that enables women to completely rearrange their lives. It is an initiation to take new paths and positions. Through that they can shape their lives the way they want. And at the same time change the world for the generations to come.

The journey is about to start


Through my podcast, SoulLetter and classes, I remind women how freedom feels and who they really are.  Without “ifs and buts”, without “either – or”, but with a lot of “more from…”. And if you also have the feeling it’s time to become who you are, then I’m looking forward to you!

I see you on the other side.

Things, that make me human

(I don’t believe in the „sexy, spiritual, successful SuperWoman“)

  • I’m not a cat, but a cactus lady – I have 30 living in my house and need to stop myself from not adopting more
  • Occasionally I eat emotionally – because I feel the same way.
  • I’ve been pretty strict with myself for a long time – I’m getting better.
  • Sometimes I let myself be seduced by the patriarchy and find myself between “hustle” and stress.
  • My BMI is not “ideal” – whatever that may mean
  • Every now and then I take my phone to bed, although it’s a “no go”, then I listen to audio books and scroll through Instagram
  • I firmly believe that anything is possible. And that the status quo is just that: a snapshot.
  • Even though I trust my intuition, I still have my own personal astrologer.
  • Despite my #virgobrain I forget birthdays all the time and hope that everyone knows that I love them anyway. 

Things, that make me happy

  • Dancing!
  • Liquorice – the real salty one
  • Epigenetics – science finally catches up!
  • Country Music – it just like that…
  • Dark chocolate – and I mean really dark
  • Being at the Externsteine
  • Dachhunds – don’t ask me why!
  • Hiking – best meditation ever
  • The ocean and swimming in it
  • A good cup of tea
  • Jazz Jams

Things, that make me myself

  • I believe everything is energy.
  • I can call the rain and speak to the wind
  • I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 11.
  • My brain is totally #virgomode: I arrange things according to colors and restore the divine order.
  • I am a fresh air fanatic – no matter where I am.
  • For me, time is the greatest gift anyone can give.
  • Spirituality and political commitment are an energetic power couple for me.
  • I know you’re great, even though we haven’t met yet.
  • I’d rather hug people than shake hands with them – in case we meet soon 🙂