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Welcome to yourself.

Become the boldest dream of your ancestors and 

create a life which is truely right for you.

Connect with your ancestors and embody your inner wisdom.


Free yourself, your lineage and the women of this planet.


Live the life that is truly right for you.


When we activate the wisdom of our lineage,

we become the ones we truly are.

We become whole.



We can start walking our true path.

Lineage Liberation is not a coaching concept – it is an approach for embodied change. Lineage Liberation does not only free yourself, but also your lineage – through the past and the future. You become free and you are finally able to do, what you might have feared before.


You find yourself and you can voice your needs, without needing to justify them.


You become the boldest dream of you ancestors – as a sovereign women, walking her path, deeply connected with her inner wisdom and in tune with her body. And out of a sudden the unthinkable become possible, the unreachable becomes graspable and the outrageous becomes your new normal. You live the life that is truly meant for you.

I am Kaja Andrea.

Lineage Liberator.

Spiritual Mentor.

I accompany women into a powerful connection with their ancestors,
I help them to embody their inner wisdom and
show them how to shape their unique biography.

Thus they become the most sovereign woman of their lineage.

Wo stehst du gerade?

Ich möchte

meine Vision finden

Ich möchte

meine Wurzeln heilen

Ich möchte

absolute Verkörperung

The Sacred Sisterhood

Wenn Frauen zusammenkommen entsteht Magie. The Sisterhood ist ein kraftvoller Ort, an dem du erfährst was es bedeutet energetisch aktiviert zu werden, an dem du tiefe Heilung bekommst und Schritt für Schritt den kulturellen Code knackst. Für mehr Liebe, Frieden und Freiheit. Für mehr Erfüllung, Erfolg und Expansion.

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