Meet your intuition

a free mini course

Meet your intuition

A Free 3 parts Mini Course

from my heart to yours

Dare to meet your intuition. Trust her messages and let her take over. See how she will lead you to a life you truly love, one beyond your logical imaginations. One that fulfils you soul’s vision.

I believe that when we connect to our intuition, we are able to create a massive shift in our life and in the world. It is the path to true fulfilment.

Everyone has intuition – we just need to take some time to get to know her…

Dive deeper

This is what you will learn and experience during the course:

  • What is intuition – and why most of us loose our connection to it along the way-
  • How to train your intuition and reconnect to your intuition.
  • Why we doubt our intuition and the mechanisms behind it.
  • How to enter the “empty space” – a place where your intuition can take over.
  • My top tools to access my intuition.
  • Where to find your intuition.
  • How it feels to be connected to your intuition.

I will take you on an interesting journey, to places you did not access for quite some time. You will experience an opening in your perception of the world.


Do I need to be tech-savy?

Not at all! The only thing you need is internet and some time to dive into the lessons. After you sign up, you will receive an email from me – please do also check your SPAM folder – sometimes the best diamonds get hidden between the dust. In the email you will find all information needed and receive the rest of the emails following to the first one.

What is the format?

The course is delivered in videos. You can watch them on your phone or laptop – at the time of your convenience. So buckle up and get ready to meet your intuition!