Ancestral Trauma

Ancestral Healing


A one hour workshop and journey.

Ancestral trauma – the reason behind the ever repeating cycle of supremacy and monoculture.

How unhealed ancestral trauma leads to a never ending repetition of supremacy and disconnection from our true roots.

In this 1 hour gathering we will explore the interwoven energies of ancestral trauma and experience an ancestral healing journey. Oftentimes we underestimate the impact of ancestral trauma, intergenerational and transgenerational trauma. The unknown ancestral trauma is still active in us today and leads to repetition compulsory due to unhealed wounds. In this session I will share an insight in the interwoven events ancestral trauma and offer a moment to connect to your ancestors. We will reroot and release some of the traumatic energy, for a more present now.

“You are here as a result of the prayers of your ancestors.”

I do believe understanding and transforming out ancestral traumas is key to change the system we live in and create a world, that honours the feminine again and allows for all people and beings to express their true self.

Kaja Andrea
The Ancestor Whisperer, Völva, Master Coach

Like no other, Kaja Andrea combines ancient indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge. Her goal is not to bring back the past, but to revive the wisdom that can be a guide for the challenges of the present time. The emotion magazine calls her “One of the most important Intuitive Influencers”, GRAZIA one of the “most important Modern Mystics” and for GUIDO “…she opens the way to a new world”.