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In traditional medicine we assume that everything is energy, that everything is in flow. Energy is everywhere, in places, in situations, in encounters, in objects. If the energy does not flow as it should, we can get sick, places can feel uncomfortable or we have the feeling that we lack life force.

Clearings help to restore the original, free, flowing state. By identifying the origin of the energy blockage or misdirection, symptoms can be noticeably changed and resolved. Clearing is powerful and focuses on the movement of energy back to the original free state.

The release and elimination of foreign energies is also a natural part of traditional European medicine. Through the Christianisation of the continent, many of these ancient ways of working were literally demonised and banned under death threat. However, they have remained hidden through the millennia and now allow us to clarify and heal places and people in a focused way.

In clearing, traditional approaches such as energy work can be combined with modern methods such as constellation work. Clearings are non-invasive traditional healing methods for body, mind and soul. They provide clarity and freedom.


Clarity and freedom

through clearing and flow


Clarity and freedom

through clearing and flow


Free energy-flow in your space

Every place has energy. In some places we feel comfortable, in others we find it difficult to be. Sometimes even our home feels restless or strange. Everything is imprinted in the space. All wishes, fears and life patterns are absorbed in walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and other things. Recurring actions and behaviours are deeply influencing and events that are accompanied by strong emotions or traumas are most strongly influencing. They fill this memory space and hinder new experiences.

In Space Clearing we release these energies and create a space that is pure and clear again. For comfortable living, effective working and powerful being.

More about Space-Clearing

If you have ever had the experience of going into a room after there just has been a fight, you know that you literally can feel it hanging in the air. People sometimes say, “You could have cut the air with a knife,” which means the atmosphere was so dense that it looked like the argument was physically tangible. If we don’t purify these energies, they can remain in the spaces, they become absorbed and become part of the basic energy. This also applies to all other experiences and events that take place in spaces.

If you don’t feel 100% comfortable within your own walls, or if you don’t really feel alone, then a space clearing like I do can also solve foreign energies. These can come from previous tenants or be caused by events in and around the house.

It is recommended to do a space clearing once a year. Space clearing is a wonderful support for moving in. They are also a powerful accompaniment to major life changes, such as the beginning or end of a relationship, career, etc. or if you have a very busy life or are going through a difficult time. Space Clearing can bring clarity and facilitate the transition.


Free yourself from foreign energies

Soul-Clearing is the clearing of occupying foreign energies. This can arise from a lack of presence, anaesthesia or in traumatic situations. If we are not present, we seems to foreign energies like an empty house. It is almost like an invitation to settle down.

In Soul-Clearing we release these energies and close the soul space. For more clarity, self-determined action and the feeling of being fully at home in you.

More about Soul-Clearing

If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated or have trouble making decisions and creating an action plan that you actually implement, Soul-Clearing can help you. Especially if you feel heavy or something is stealing your energy from your body, your soul could carry negative energy from your present life and relationships, additional souls, and possibly negative past life energy.

Soul clearing involves the removal of destructive or negative energy. If you feel that you have worked on a topic but still end up in the same situation over and over again, it can be exactly this energy – in the form of thoughts, patterns, beliefs and behaviours, for example – that keeps you from walking your path.

Soul clearing is especially recommended after general anesthesia or traumatic experiences. As soon as you feel that you are no longer in control of your actions or thoughts, soul clearing is an immediate option.


Clear your lineage

We are here as a result of the prayers of our ancestors. And we carry their memories, traumas and beliefs within us. This spiritual and emotional heritage can prevent us from shaping our lives independently and in our power.

In Ancestral-Clearing we look at your issues and where they derive from in the ancestral lineage. Through intergenerational energetic work we dissolve them and create a new room for manoeuvre.

So that you can live your life the way you want.

More about Ancestral-Clearing

When we come into this world, we carry the footprints of those who came before us within us. These measurable footprints are called epigenomes and are stored as attachments to our DNA. They are passed down from generation to generation and have profound effects on almost every aspect of our lives: behavior, beliefs, resistance to stress, and even our healing response.

It might be that the injuries from our lineage, that have probably never been resolved, are felt in the here and now and affect us: Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

In Ancestral-Clearing we connect to the higher power of our understanding. Through a simple process, we clear the traces of adversities that have burdened us. This enables a freedom that was not possible before and thus a life that you really love.

Ancestral-Clearing can especially support the transition into new phases of life. It can solve physical ailments that show through the family. An Ancestral-Clearing is a powerful tool to find your own voice and to break out of behaviour that has been shaped by generations. It can be done at any time.

System Clearing

For a clear flow in your business

Sometimes we come to a point where we can no longer logically analyse why business is not going as planned. We have set everything in motion, but we cannot find a solution. System-Clearing deals with the clarification of an entire system.

Every organisation and every company has been created with a certain intention. And thus this system becomes an energetic organism which absorbs and carries not only the original intention, but also all the emotions and ideas of those who work and act in and around it.

Sometimes we feel that something is wrong, it falters and we cannot put our finger on it. Then a system clearing can help to eliminate the ambiguities and make sure that everything flows again.

More about System-Clearing

A system of clearing is also helpful when executive positions are filled or changes are imminent.

A system clearing is a powerful instrument to give the company or organisation its own voice again or to break out of intergenerational behaviour and processes.

It can be carried out at any time.

DISCLAIMER: Kaja Andrea is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose, nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kaja Andrea is intended in any way to be a substitute or a replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care.