Heal your lineage.

Become who you are.

Connect with your true roots.

Free yourself from passed on patterns an bonding beliefs.

Experience peace, clarity and freedom.

Connect to your roots.

Grow into your true self.

Remember who your truly are.

Every plant grows from roots we can’t see. Every fountain springs from an origin that we do not see. Just as the smallest seedling can become a mighty oak, even the smallest stream can develop a power greater than anything else in the world and become unstoppable.

But if the source of a spring and the free flow are blocked, dammed or polluted, even the largest river can become a small watercourse again. The stream dries up, life in the rivers dries up, the earth becomes dry, the banks lose their colour and the stream dies slowly. River experts call these phases stress, displacement, disease, infertility and death zones.

Human energy is like a river. When it flows freely, we are powerful and energised. If it falters, we follow the same phases as a river – slowly we dry up, we go from stress to illness, we feel blockages or stagnation in different areas of life and sometimes we experience even worse. As with us, capped or diseased roots can cause the energy flow of a tree to be interrupted. Then the seedling does not have the possibility to watch over the potential of the strong oak. In the ReRooting Sessions we find the causes, transform them and bring your energy back to flow.

How working with your Ancestors works

Connect to your roots.

Grow into your true self.

Remember who your truly are.

Your energy flow

People’s energy is like a river. When the energy is not in a free flow, people suffer the same symptoms as they slowly dry up and die.
Stress: smaller blocks of energy, headaches, lack of inspiration, lack of concentration, itchy eyes, eating chocolate bars and fast food to stay energized.

Displacement: begin to replace sleep with coffee, push yourself through situations that are too much, find yourself in an unhealthy relationship or a job that doesn’t serve you.

Diseases: Blockages begin to manifest as chronic fatigue, fatigue, severe stomach problems, skin problems, depression.

Infertility: can no longer be productive, lack of creativity, takes a long time to become pregnant, burnout.

Death zone: cancer, heart attack, dead.

Connecting with your own lineage

Ancestral healing allows us to transform the legacy of trauma, pain and abuse, some of which has been passed down through generations, and thus restore the positive flow.

Through the healing of the lineage you can experience peace and freedom in the here and now. You can transform negative and destructive family patterns into blessings. This can create health on all levels, strengthen self-esteem and develop a clear vision.

  • Dissolving Transgenerational Trauma
  • Transformation of old restrictive belief systems
  • Access to powerful ancestors
  • Development of nourishing and supportive energies

Ancestral healing works

  • Dissolving limiting beliefs
  • Transformation of intergenerational trauma
  • Solving karmic issues
  • Recognition and solution of recurring behaviours
  • Reduction of fears and uncertainties
  • Clarification of past traumas and dramas
  • Redemption of depressive or negative thought patterns
  • Deepens your connection to your intuition
  • Helps to set clear intentions
  • Expands your consciousness
  • Creates inner peace
  • Allows freedom

The mode of action

In working together we search for the cause – the symptom only gives us the clue. The work involves working with your ancestors – individually or collectively, your inner wisdom and your very own spirituality. The clearer the energy flows through our roots, the better it can nourish us on all levels.

In this process we release old belief patterns, experienced events and transmitted ideas about what life is or should be like. It is almost as if we wash, clean and heal the roots of a tree and make the earth fertile again.

We become free.

How it works

The sessions take place by phone, Skype or zoom. 3 sessions are the basic commitment, because only this gives room for real change on all levels.
As we work with energy we are not bound to the physical space and can use this freedom.

There is also the possibility for one-day intensive sessions in Hamburg, Berlin or Phoenix, AZ for those who need immediate clarity.

All my clients have the desire for a life of success, health, relationships, connection, fulfillment and influence in harmony.

They come from all ages and walks of life. For example, they are entrepreneurs, employees, managers, financial experts, coaches, yoga teachers, mothers, grandmothers and students.

I only work with a limited number of women at the same time, who decide to take responsibility, are 100% present at each session and ready to break out of their comfort zone.

Potent Kick-Start

1 x 1:1 Sessions / 60 minutes / anamnesis / focus on one topic / first-timer option / noticeable tranformation


Powerful Impact

3 x 1:1 Sessions / 45minutes / impactful change in topics and patterns / longterm release of blockages / valid for 3 months / payment plan options


Magical Dive-Deep

7 x 1:1 Sessions  / 45 minutes / deep and sustainable transformations in all areas of life / valid for 6 months / payment plan options


Quotes from some of the women

who already worked with Kaja

Our session opened a major clearance of blocks that continues. Kaja’s work was a powerful piece in clearing a lot of psychological debris–for which I am very grateful. Cheryl Eckl

Autorin, Mystical Poetin, , Inspirational Speaker

I’m so grateful for my session with Kaja. The session was not only super informative and full of new and inspiring insights, it was also hugely powerful in terms of shifting my energy.

I was surprised at the amount of emotion I released during and after the session. I left feeling lighter, hopeful and excited for what comes next. Thank you. Nicky C. Jones

Holistic Grief Coach

I am so grateful for my session with Kaja. it was a true blessing as I was dealing with some serious business and relationship blocks.

She helped me get to the root of my issues and I feel like a weight has been lifted. My focus has returned and I am ready to step forward on a positive path. I highly recommend her! Thank you so much! Love and Light! Jackie U.

About Soul Sickness
Many medical and spiritual traditions indicate that mind and body are connected. The emotional body (the PNI network) helps us build a bridge between the two. This emotional body (consisting of the limbic system, the vegetative nervous system, the psychoneuroimmunological network, the endocrine system and the immune system) has its own energy body, which connects to spirit. The emotional body is a portal to the energetic levels and connects body and mind with spirit. This portal works in both directions. We can approach the emotional body from the spiritual level and thus heal the body through mystical techniques. In the other direction the emotional body helps us to open up the spiritual one and a healthier emotional body allows access to a mystical consciousness.

Unresolved emotional issues remain in the emotional body as unhealthy energies. On the physical level, these can be perceived under the microscope as stress-related damage in the stress reaction system and in the PNI network. These changes in the emotional body can trigger psychosomatic symptoms such as neurogenic inflammation. These stress-related damages can also be called allostatic stress.

The allostatic load is the load of accumulated stress, as scientific researchers call it. This load can be caused by recurring stress, non-diminished stress or traumatic experiences. So it can happen that our emotional body is overloaded or under stress at some point. Permanent stress can lead to a chronically stressed state. If this stress is not solved it can lead to overloading of the system. This can manifest itself in emotional imbalance, physical symptoms or exhaustion.

To quote physician Dr. Joe Tafur: “To be healthy, people need to connect with their environment and at the same time be at peace with it, their community, themselves and the feelings in their hearts. Because through the heart we can experience this subjective fact of oceanic boundlessness. Through the heart we can get to know Spirit. We feel it, even if our mind cannot grasp it. Spirit is memories and Spirit is possibilities. Spirit touches the body and is as real as a heart attack and bliss. Spiritual illness or stress makes us sick and spiritual healing helps us to be well”.


More about how we work together
Each breath we can decide anew how we live our life, which way we choose, to whom we give our time. With each decision we change the world, with each step we take the way that lies ahead. You can decide.
Do you stay where it is hard and painful? Or are you ready to listen to and follow your inner wisdom?

When we free ourselves, our whole life changes – it becomes easier, more fluid, more fulfilled. Marching becomes dancing, discipline becomes devotion, mindfuck turns into magic and we transform from soulsick to SoulFlow.

We become free.

What’s in it: Each package contains individual Purpose-Practices for the time between sessions.

Important: After booking you get access to my calendar and can choose your date. Appointments can be changed up to 48 hours in advance free of charge. In case of a cancellation / postponement of less than 48 hours I charge 25%, in case of less than 36 hours 50% and in case of less than 24 hours 100% of the cancelled time.

Good to know: Please plan your time after the session, because every session is deep and we work with energy.

DISCLAIMER: Kaja Andrea is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose, nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kaja Andrea is intended in any way to be a substitute or a replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care.

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