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Verbinde dich mit deinen Wurzeln.

Befreie dich von alten Mustern und übertragenen Glaubenssätzen.

Erfahre Frieden, Klarheit und Freiheit.

Die ReRooting®-Sessions

Die Verbindung und Arbeit mit unseren Ahnen erlaubt es uns, das Erbe von Traumata, Schmerz und Missbrauch, welches zum Teil über Generationen weiter gereicht wurde, zu transformieren und damit im Hier und Jetzt Frieden und Freiheit zu erfahren. Du kannst negative und destruktive familiäre Muster in Segen transformieren. Dadurch kann Gesundheit auf allen Ebenen entstehen, das Selbstwertgefühl gestärkt und eine klare Vision entwickelt werden. Wir können Ohnmacht in Macht wandeln, Angst in Liebe, Verbitterung in Weisheit. Und Enge in Freiheit verwandeln.

Jede Linie hat nicht nur Trauma, welches wir transformieren können,

sondern auch Weisheit, welche wir aktivieren können.


Unsere Ahnen sind all diejenigen, die vor uns kamen und nicht mehr in dieser Welt wandeln. Es sind all diejenigen die dafür gesorgt haben, dass wir nun in diesem Körper auf dieser Welt wandeln. Unsere Ahnen leben in uns und durch uns weiter, wir tragen ihre DNA in uns – physisch, emotional, spirituell. Selbst wenn wir unsere Ahnen nicht kennen, keine Informationen haben oder adoptiert sind, sie wirken und wir können mit ihnen arbeiten.

Die 1:1 Sessions

Erfahre dein ReRooting®

Possible topics for a ReRooting® Session

  • You feel deep emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, sadness, grief or anger for which you cannot find a cause in your current life
  • You observe behaviors or „tics“ in yourself that you cannot associate with any event from your past life.
  • You feel how a life event (pregnancy, engagement, moving in with a partner, promotion ….) triggers previously unknown thoughts that restrict you.
  • You want to start healing the witch’s wound – the fear of being seen and sharing your gifts with the world.
  • You are through with dysfunctional, repetitive patterns in your relationships.
  • You want to invite healthy, loving, nurturing relationships.
  • You desire a deep connection to other women, a sisterhood, but you keep feeling something inside you recoiling from it.
  • You want to change your attitude to and approach to money, but previous attempts have been unsuccessful.
  • You notice how you always put your needs on the back burner or are unable to access them in the first place. You perceive the needs of others and consider them important.
  • You want to connect with the wise and peaceful ancestors in your lineage to receive protection, guidance, love, support and blessings.
  • You want to get to know the hidden talents of your ancestors in order to activate them within you.

Werde zum kühnsten Traum deiner Ahnen.

Verkörpere das Potenzial deiner Linie.

Kreiere dir ein Leben, welches wirklich stimmig für dich ist.

»We are here as the result of the prayers of our ancestors.«

ReRooting® involves the process of reconnecting with one’s roots. This practice revolves around working with our ancestors, aiming to revitalize and fortify our roots, enabling us to fully manifest our potential in the present.

The combination of ancient wisdom and contemporary techniques is integral to the practice of working with ancestors, facilitating the release of unconscious issues and blockages within the lineage.

The connection with ancestors held a pivotal role in European culture and medicine prior to Christianization. Engaging with ancestors not only profoundly influences us on a personal level but also reverberates throughout our entire family system.

Simultaneously, the work with ancestors contributes to cultural healing, not only for ourselves but also for the subsequent seven generations.

Through personal experience, I have witnessed how resolving issues through ancestral work was achievable in ways that traditional coaching could not achieve. This revelation is recurrent in the women I guide as well—working with ancestors opens up spaces and potentials that our minds may struggle to fathom.

We meet online or by phone. A session lasts 45 minutes. You can choose your appointment by clicking on „Book session“. Appointments can be rescheduled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, I will charge 100% of the time lost. Disclaimer: According to the law I have to point out the following: Kaja Andrea is not a licensed medical doctor and does not diagnose or provide medical treatment. No service or product offered by Kaja Andrea is intended in any way as a substitute or replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care.

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