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I am Kaja Andrea.


I am Kaja Andrea.

The freer a woman is,
the more deeply she feels and lives her own freedom,
the bigger is her ability to
bring about massive change in the world.

The freer a woman is,
the more deeply she feels and lives

her own freedom,
the bigger is her ability to
bring about massive change in the world.

herbei zu führen

More than 15 years on 3 continents

More than 15 years on 3 continents

I have been self-employed as a generational liberator and spiritual mentor for women for 15 years. I have worked on 3 continents and have 1:1 clients from Europe, Australia and America. I am an expert in dissolving and transforming ancestral behavior and patriarchal thought patterns.

I have spoken at events such as Emotion Women’s Day, the Women’s International Networking (WIN) Conference and the Gathering of the Healers (Navajo Nation), held more than 90 circles and changed the lives of more than 1000 women in 1:1 sessions.

My books „Du bist die Antwort auf deine Fragen“ und „Spiritual Feminist“ have been read by thousands of women. Lineage Liberation is the essence of my work.

I know what I’m doing.

And yes, I am one of the best in my field.

I attended my first Reiki course at the age of 11 and celebrated the wheel of the year as a teenager, when most people didn’t even know what an annual circle was. In my early 20s I created a methodological framework to my ability to see ancestors and started doing constellations. I graduated with excellence in Educational Science, which shows in the quality of my course content.

I started my NLP master’s degree straight after my studies. I spent countless hours in sweat lodges and around fireplaces and learned from indigenous wisdom keepers. The list goes on and all of this benefits you. I believe it is important that we as women stand by our expertise and share our experience. Because modesty is not always a virtue.

I live very happily in Lisbon where I can watch the Tagus meet the ocean every morning, and I keep commuting to the Teutoburg Forest to feel the land I was born on under my feet.


A short overview of my expertise

over 30 years of training


20+ years of professional expertise

clients from 14 countries

over 1000 1:1-sessions

An incomplete overview of my trainings and initiations


Certified by Western Culture
  • Wingwave Master / NLP Master / Work Health Coach / Balance Coach / Magic Words Trainer
  • Diploma in Educational Science (Suma Cum Laude), University of Bielefeld / International Moderations, University of Bielefeld
    Studies at the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, USA / Assesor, Bildungsbüro Herford
Educated in Energetic Practices
  • Reiki Master / EFT & Tapping / Process-oriented constellation work / Imaginative constellation work
  • Ancestor work / Return facilitator / Resolving intergenerational trauma
    Aura Healer / Chakra Diagnostician / Space Clearing & Energetic Cleaning
Inaugurated into Indigenous Wisdom
  • Menarche Ceremony / Priestess Consecration Externsteine / Initiation as Völva / „Smoking The Pipe“ Ceremony & Blessing, Lakota Grandmother Unci Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance / Diné Naming Ceremony
  • Training Druidism (ongoing)
  • Support & Teachings International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers / Initiation Journey New Mexico, Mayan Priestess Grandmother Flordemayo
  • Teachings & Assisting Diné Medicine Man Darryl Slim / Native American Teachings Apprenticeship, Grandmothers Belinda Eriacho (A:shiwi/Dinè) and Naomi Tsosie (Diné) / Immersion Cultura Canaria Indigena, Paco Sanchez

You are not an either or.

You are everything you want to be.

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