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Find your unique,
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There is a voice in so many of us, asking us to discover a deeper, more intimate relationship with ourselves to our roots and to life. A whisper that invites us to reconnect. With us, with each other, with nature, with what we had long forgotten.

Can you hear it too?

It is an invitation to return to ourselves and to community in all things, in order to influence great change and transformation, while aware of the influence of our past. To become active in the now for the collective that includes us. To create a future for those who follow us.

In the center we find our way.


The integrative framework for transformation, connection and society involves all aspects of the self, the collective and the system in which we find ourselves. Through the interdependence of person, culture and economy, this approach is rooted in the knowledge that without careful review and rewriting, the true authentic story that wants to be lived and shared is suppressed.


The Experiences are an invitation to connect collectively – to our ancestors, our roots, our traditions, our very own wisdom. They are powerful spaces where transformation happens for you and in community. 

ReRooting Sessions

In our western, monotheistic and patriarchal world we often lost the connection to our true roots. But these help us to rest in ourselves and to be resilient. As a result we feel stressed, not grounded and burnt out.

Soulution Mentoring

Everything in this transforming 6-month journey is aligned to support you: becoming  fully expressive with your whole essence, finding your most coherent lifestyle and arriving in your fullest being.

Hello, I am Kaja Andrea.

I am a spellbinding, myth-spinning, tea-loving Fairytale-Believer & tree lover. And I am The Ancestor Whisperer, initiated Völva, Energy Worker & certified Master Coach. 

I believe that in this lifetime we have the unique opportunity to remember who we really are and to reclaim what patriarchy, missionary work and capitalism have tried to take away from us… The deep knowledge that we carry within us the true wisdom that we are a part of nature.

I work with people who are ready to free themselves from cultural limitations and social expectations, so they can express themselves fully and joyfully, in a way that is valuable and meaningful to them.

I do this by helping them to find the story behind the story so they can write and live their own.

Was Andere sagen

Kaja is like a phenomenon. She radiates such a power, strength and sovereignty, that to me she’s something like a miracle healer.

Thank you for the magic.

One of the most amazing encounters I ever had in my entire life.

I do have deep deep gratitude for Kaja.

She radiates an incredible magic.

recommend Kaja from the bottom of my heart, because I am so deeply touched by her magic.

My woman of the year

My whole life transformed.

Modern Wisdom

On the blog you will find what I am currently engaged in, where our traditions and customs actually come from, what I am working on and what I am thinking about. Written down so that it can be read twice and the mind doesn’t immediately erase it again – because it’s too big, unthinkable or unbelievable. Here you find three of the most popular articles to start with.


Why being a spiritual feminist

Why being a spiritual feminist

I believe that - through all these times - there always has been a feminine powerful energy that, most of the time, has been prevented from showing itself, moving and making itself heard. Through this oppression and the social ostracism of feminine...

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What is a völva?

What is a völva?

Already while being a child I had images before my inner eyes in which I saw myself wandering through the woods with a walking stick. I wore a dress and a cape with a hood and wandered from place to place. I could talk to the trees and the animals...

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What is Soul Sickness?

What is Soul Sickness?

In our often hectic and challenging world, it happens to many people that they feel overwhelmed or that many things simply don't want to feel anymore because it overwhelms us. Even as children there are moments that were so difficult for us to...

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Let’s connect

The Sacred Sisterhood

Wenn Frauen zusammenkommen entsteht Magie. The Sisterhood ist ein kraftvoller Ort, an dem du erfährst was es bedeutet energetisch aktiviert zu werden, an dem du tiefe Heilung bekommst und Schritt für Schritt den kulturellen Code knackst. Für mehr Liebe, Frieden und Freiheit. Für mehr Erfüllung, Erfolg und Expansion.